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Back home in Austin, Bob Schneider is King of the World. Sandra Bullock's hunky, erstwhile paramour has escorted many a University of Texas freshman through the process of growing older, wiser and more worldly. Sometimes wisdom has had very little do with it: Schneider's past projects include the funky, frat-boy-friendly Joe Rockhead (a band whose shows often involved blow-up dolls being tossed around the crowd), the horny (both musically and lyrically) Ugly Americans and the randy, rocking Scabs. Now in the midst of an inevitable solo career that's marked by solid, poignant songwriting, Schneider displays a longevity that has shocked some purists and thrilled others who enjoy his radio-friendly blues-pop -- think of a fusion between G. Love and Ryan Adams, and you'd be close. Schneider is a perennial winner in the Austin Music Awards; the town's premier music retailer, Waterloo Records, moved 15,000 copies of his solo debut, Lonelyland, inside of a year. Most of his local shows sell out almost immediately. See for yourself what all of Texas (or at least its capital) is talking about this Wednesday, June 19, at Boulder's Fox Theatre. Wayne opens.
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Melanie Haupt