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Who would have thought that in the early 21st century there'd be a glut of garage-punk bands fronted by Tina Turner-esque soul divas? The Detroit Cobras. The Now Time. Delegation. The BellRays. Well, now you can slap The DT's at the top of that list. This senses-searing, Washington-state quartet (playing Wednesday, August 6, at the Larimer Lounge, with the Tongues and the Speeks) was assembled last year by Dave Crider, ex-guitarist of the pummeling Mono Men and honcho of Estrus Records. Estrus has been the premier purveyor of greasy, Mopar-gunning retro-rock since Jack White still needed help buttoning his buttons. With the DT's, though, Crider has slathered his typical meaty rock riffs with some smoky R&B barbecue: The bass-less combo runs on a fuel of high-octane guitar and drums spiked here and there with injections of Hammond organ. But it's Diana Young-Blanchard's soulful belting that really pulls ahead of the pack. Equal parts belle and banshee, she howls through Crider's MC5-ish barrage like Patti Drew with a hotfoot or Ann Peebles on steroids. Check this show out at all costs, but be warned: The DT's might just blast you into the next century.
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Jason Heller
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