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By now, even deaf invalids are sick to death of mash-ups -- those annoying DJ cuts that smear the vocal tracks of one song over the instrumentals of another. Looks like it's time to take the whole concept to the next level: a band that crams together the tunes of two different music icons, then rocks the whole thing live. Enter Denver's own Black Smiths. Led by local scene vet Rich Groskopf (formerly of Boss 302 and current frontman of the Agency), the quartet melds the primordial ooze of Black Sabbath with the wry, sophisticated wordplay of Morrissey. The result? "Planet in a Coma," "This Charming Acrobat" and the bizarrely brilliant "How Sweet Is Leaf." A full-length disc of this black-on-the-outside monstrosity will be released sometime this winter; to tide you over, stop by the Larimer Lounge this Sunday, September 26, and catch Black Smiths' twisted take on the mash-up craze. Sounds like a pretty fresh idea -- that is, until Dread Zeppelin does a reunion tour.
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Jason Heller
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