Critic's Choice

Guitar wizard Dave Beegle's jaw-dropping, chin-scratching finger work with prog-rock power trio Fourth Estate should have earned him and his bandmates worldwide fame and fortune. Although the act was met with gold-lined pen strokes of praise, such acclaim never resulted in mind-numbing financial success. Eventually the threesome bowed out of the scene and became a footnote in the annals of music history. Beegle, however, has continued to dive into the open waters of creative expression, performing blistering Fourth Estate shows with new personnel from time to time. And his six-string forays into everything from jazz to classical have garnered performances at noteworthy festivals and respected venues alike. Each time, his skills create an emotive auditory and visual utopia. Beegle's Sunday, March 20, show at the Gothic Theatre, where he opens for guitar legend Phil Keaggy, promises to be a celebratory night of not-to-be forgotten fiery performances.

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