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At their last performance, the band was billed as "Flowbots" on Herman's Hideaway's marquee, but if this high-energy rap act keeps stealing the thunder from the headliners like it did that night, the Flobots shouldn't have that problem again any time soon. After existing for years as a sort of choose-your-own-adventure ensemble, with different members coming and going, the Flobots have finally settled in with a live band. With Bop Skizzum frontman Andy Guerrero on guitar and Mackenzie Roberts on the viola -- that's right, the viola -- not to mention a solid rhythm and horn section, the Flobots make the type of eclectic music that can swell to symphonic crescendos one moment and sample Super Mario Bros. the next. Add MC Jamie Laurie's (aka Jonny 5) clever, rapid-fire lyrics, and the result is a fusion of organic sounds that's like one great, funky-ass stew. The Flobots guarantee new and exclusive material at every performance, and the interactive show this Friday, April 15, at Bender's Tavern is sure to deliver. Dig in.
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Adam Cayton-Holland