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Strike up the ticker-tape parade: After almost a year of being lost in space, Thank God for Astronauts is re-entering the atmosphere. Singer/guitarist Kent Phillips, guitarist Alisdair Rich, bassist Steve Jones and drummer Bryan Feuchtinger were last seen on stage together last summer; overwhelmed by outside stress and obligations -- including Feuchtinger's bass-thumping duties in the rapidly expanding Hot IQs -- TGFA decided to cool its jets for a few months. Now, following a brief stint by Phillips as a solo acoustic performer, the band plans to touch down at the hi-dive on Saturday, June 4, with Cowboy Curse and the Clap. Feuchtinger has amicably vacated the drum stool, but his sticks have been picked up by Chad Peterson, formerly of O'er the Ramparts. The outfit has also resumed work on the full-length debut it's been hinting at over the years in a series of Superchunk-meets-the-Shins singles. The Denver indie-rock scene has exploded since TGFA last graced this town with its brand of kinetic, celestial pop -- and Phillips's intrepid crew will soon be ready to blast off with the rest.
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