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An insomniac's dream come true, the Sleepers drift effortlessly between loosely structured pop and casually aggressive fuzz-core -- a fitting tribute to what Bill Shakespeare once referred to as "the honey-heavy dew of slumber." Gathered from the cast-off ashes of Denver's Worm Trouble, this drowsy post-rock trio of songwriter/vocalist Kat Ellinger, guitarist Michael Trenhaile (Body of Souls) and drummer Nick Ryan (who recently replaced longtime member Greg Johnson, formerly of Twice Wilted) expands the musical language of yawning landscapes to include the odd smattering of German. The band's exceptional debut full-length, Birthday, recorded in Venice, California, by RavensWork Studios producer Eric Ryan, marks the welcome return of some bona fide Front Range journeymen. Hear for yourself at a CD-release show Friday, June 17, at the 15th Street Tavern, with Orbit Service, Grease Machine (ex-Otter Pops) and DJ Darkwing (ex-White Dynamite). What better excuse to cop some z's before bedtime?
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John La Briola