D Note's January 3 Closing Will Leave a Hole in Olde Town Arvada

In early 2013, the D Note in Olde Town Arvada celebrated its tenth anniversary with a two-night party. The evening also marked the changing of hands of the restaurant/music venue, as Dave and Mernie Rosenberg bought the space from the DeGraff family. Now, nearly two years after taking over the D Note, the Rosenbergs are closing it on Saturday, January 3.

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Dave Rosenberg says they fell behind on rent and told the landlord they'd catch up by the year, but the landlord "decided there were other people more interesting to have in there other than us," says Rosenberg. "So they pulled our lease. That's the way it goes."

Since the Rosenbergs took over the D Note, Rosenberg says business has been up and down. But, he says, there was always good music.

"It's a tough business," Rosenberg adds. "We tried to do right by the bands. It's just that Olde Town is changing a little bit. I don't know if it's a good thing that we're getting out but we'll find out down the road."

With light rail construction, Rosenberg says there's zero parking in Olde Town Arvada. "Two years when construction's all done when that train's running I have a feeling it will be really nice, but for the next two years it's going to be a tough time in Olde Town," he adds.

As one last farewell to the D Note, some bands that have played the D Note over the last dozen years will play the venue this week, including Dan Treanor & His Allstars on Friday, January 2 and Scarecrow Revival on Saturday, January 3. Also, the D Note is hosting Rockin' New Year's Eve with '80s pop act Retro Sonics and B-52s tribute band Hey Lady! Rosenberg says he's also trying to put together a fundraiser for the doorman, who's been at the D Note since the beginning, but who is sick and has been basically bedridden for the last nine months.

Since taking over the venue, Rosenberg says every weekend was a good memory and there's nothing like live music at the D Note.

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"When it's hopping there's nothing like it anywhere," Rosenberg says. "It has a big dance floor. The stage is the in middle of the bar instead of the end of the bar so it's wide open. It's been like the heart of Olde Town for the last twelve years as far as bringing people in. people come from all over the city down to see shows there, and they've never even heard of Olde Town Arvada before. It's kind of put the place on the map."

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