Dance into deep space with gratis Emote label sampler mix

Did you know Denver's a great techno town? Okay, Colorado in general, since a fair bit of our talent is in Boulder and/or small mountain towns -- damn techno producer recluses and/or hippie freaks. Anyway, the point stands. While we may never rival the eight-hundred-pound gorillas of techno like Detroit and Berlin, we do pretty well for ourselves. Need some evidence? How about this fine, free Emote Records sampler we came across recently?

Mixed by label co-leader and groovy techno dude John Templeton, the set shows off ten tracks released (or to be released) by the Colorado-based techno/minimal label in 2010. It's a tight mix that starts off with a widescreen, spaced-out rumbling ambient intro, leads into some sexy, shuffling techno brilliance and never looks back.

Featured local artists and remixers include Roy England, Oban and Les Freres Courvoisier, and international talent such as the Noisemaker and Mikael Stavöstrand make appearances as well. Lots of weird noise, sexy beats and good times are to be found within its 59 minute runtime, and since it's free, you don't even have to take our word for it. Just take a listen via the embedded player below, or download the Emote sampler mix for enjoyment on your favorite digital media playback device.

Emote Music 2010 Sample Mix by Emote Music

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