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Daniel Powter

I've had a bad day. Actually, this particular "Bad Day" has lasted more than five months, repeating over and over and over again, like Groundhog Day. It started back in February, when I was flying to Los Angeles on a plane that had those little TVs installed on the backs of the seats. Cheapskate that I am, I didn't want to shell out five bucks to get my choice of channels, so I ended up watching the one free station. And for two hours, the only thing it showed was a montage of this forlorn-looking dude in a knit cap playing a piano. Finally, out of morbid curiosity, I plugged in the headphones -- and that's when I discovered Daniel Powter's shmaltzy, inescapable ballad. There's only one way this "Bad Day" could possibly get worse, and that's if the radioheads figure out that there's more than one tune on the album.
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