Danielle de Picciotto and Alexander Hacke of Einsturzende Neubauten at Hinterland on 8/31

On August 31, Danielle de Picciotto, one of the founders of the Love Parade, a huge electronic music festival that went on for over a decade, is coming to the Hinterland Art Space (3254 Walnut Street) to do readings from The Beauty of Transgression, A Berlin Memoir, her personal account of the fascinating period in the cultural history of Berlin that took place from the mid '80s through the '90s.

An American born artist who moved to Berlin in 1987, de Picciotto immersed herself in the city's rich arts scene. In 1989, with Matthias Roeingh, she co-founded the Love Parade festival of electronic music and alternative culture as an advocate for international peace. When the Berlin Wall fell, the unified city became an even greater hotbed of creative ferment.

Joining de Picciotto for this reading at Hinterland (Wednesday, August 31 from 6-11 p.m., $6) will be Alexander Hacke, who is perhaps best known for his groundbreaking work in the influential avant-garde band Einsturzende Neubauten from 1983 to the present. Jill Razor Mustoffa and Jeff Ross will also be on hand to share personal photographs of the period covered in de Picciotto's book. Mustoffa, a long-time Denver music promoter and photographer, spent most of the '90s living in Berlin and documented much of what she saw. This is truly a unique opportunity to experience an account of an important period in one of the great centers of world art and culture.

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