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David Guetta at Beta

David Guetta (playing Thursday, December 3, at Beta) may be one of the most in-demand stars of dance music, and it's all but impossible to understand why that is. There's no disputing his popularity — he's recently been voted DJ magazine's No. 3-ranked DJ in the world, he sells plenty of records, remixes acts such as the Black Eyed Peas, and so on. Yet for all that, his music is dull, obvious and thoroughly not spectacular. Derived from the most irritating strands of over-hyped dance-music movements, from the needless pop crossovers to the worst excesses of trance, Guetta's music is unfailingly calculated, derivative and soulless. His latest move is fusing bad hip-hop with played-out electro. It's a mix as bad as it sounds, and one you can hear on "Sexy Bitch," his collaboration with Akon. Hope you like it: Given Guetta's track record and influence, it's sure to become as ubiquitous as it is obnoxious.

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