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Deadlock Frequency

Getting back together is the new breaking up. At least that seems to be the motto for local hardcore outfit Deadlock Frequency. After a series of inconspicuous incarnations, a few self-released albums and one notable two-year break, the act is back and resonating loud and clear. Reformed by original members Justin Bradford, David "Paco" Rouse, Neal Spector and Josh Tolve, the Frequency made its first comeback appearance back in October at a scarcely publicized warehouse show. Although the boys are a little older, they haven't lost any of their youthful zest. Still taking the gloomier side of things, they wear out '80s thrash like it was still in vogue and make all those new screamo bands renounce the name of hardcore. Make up with Deadlock Frequency on Friday, November 25, at the Larimer Lounge, with Black Lamb -- whose members are helping frontman Brian Hagman transition back into society after a ninety-day stint in the county jail -- Half of Zero and Workhorse. Maybe things will work out this time around. -- Tuyet Nguyen
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