Concert Reviews

Deafheaven at Marquis Theater, 2/16/14

DEAFHEAVEN at MARQUIS THEATER | 2/16/14 There was some real emotional heft to Deafheaven's set at the Marquis last night that was more visceral than most mere post-rock. Musically it felt like a fusion of black metal and a late '90s post-hardcore, even treading into emo territory. The heaviness was there aplenty, but there was also an expansive melodicism swimming though the dense distorted sounds. Singer George Clarke, meanwhile, gestured grandly but with a keen sense of playfulness. Even when he pierced the space in front of him with a sharp, intense gaze at the beginnings of songs or as the band built up to its next crescendo, he beckoned everyone to come forward, like we were all in on some secret, shared moment of cleansing catharsis.

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