Denver bands announced for SXSW

While it's still a bit early, the official list of Denver acts invited to play SXSW seems pretty narrow. Given the extraordinary talent we have here, we're guessing that the number of artists who submitted this year is down and that this is really more of a reflection of the economy -- bands weighing the cost versus the benefits -- than on the worthiness of the music being made here. Not that the bands selected thus far (Slim Cessna's Auto Club, Wovenhand and Meese) don't merit inclusion or aren't totally worthy, we're just surprised not to see more groups on the official list. Of course, this isn't taking into account that SXSW is still a few months off and the bands that will be heading down to the Lonestar state this March on their own, playing one of the alt fests or the myriad day parties. One such shindig will be the rejuvenated Mile Hi-Fidelity party, the Denver-centric fiesta from a number of years ago that I named my radio show after, which is being planned by Adam Lancaster and Dan Rutherford from Morning After Records as we speak.

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