Denver Broncos on hunt for new talent. (No, this isn't a Jay Cutler joke.)

Are you a Broncos fan? Maybe your friends and family have been telling you how great you'd be singing the national anthem at Broncos home games. Or maybe your in a local rock or bluegrass band that thinks you have what it takes to entertain Broncos fans during the legendary pre-game tailgate parties. If any of this applies to you or someone you know, then the Denver Broncos want to hear from you.

If you have attended a Broncos game at Invesco Field sometime in the last few years, you may have noticed that from time to time there have been local bands performing for the fans just outside the entrances. And why not? A chance for a local band to perform for fellow Broncos fans on game day can be a highly desirable opportunity. Just ask Fort Collins country rockers Motorhome, who played at one of these tailgate parties last year to literally tens of thousands of fans who walked by their stage.

The team is holding an open casting call/talent competition for all dancers, singers, musicians and rock bands -- anyone who thinks he can entertain a crowd, really. And the prizes ain't bad, either. Multiple acts will be selected to perform in front of a panel of judges and the general public at the Broncos Country Talent Search finals on Saturday, May 2, at the University of Denver's Davis Auditorium. A minimum of three grand-prize winners will then be notified by Monday, May 11, and could have the chance to not only win tickets to a 2009 Broncos home game, but also to perform in the tailgate lots before a 2009 Broncos home game and sing the National Anthem at a 2009 Broncos home game.

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