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Reader: Denver Needs All the Character, and Characters, It Can Get

Molly Martin
The Carioca Cafe, known simply as "Bar Bar" for its bright-red neon sign, has had a tumultuous year. The beloved dive at 2060 Champa Street was forced to pause its live-music offerings last year after the city learned that it didn't have a cabaret license, even though it had hosted shows for decades. Denver made the discovery after an underage, undercover cop was allowed entry with an under-21 ID, then allowed to purchase alcohol. Bar Bar reached a settlement with the city and closed for fourteen days; when it reopened, no live music was allowed.

To cover the cost of the closure and the loss of live music, Bar Bar launched a GoFundMe back in May while it applied for a cabaret license. Now that license is almost in hand, and another GoFundMe is trying to raise funds to keep the lights on until the live shows can go on.

In their comments on the Westword Facebook post of the latest Bar Bar news, readers are divided about what should happen. Says Terrah:
Maybe they shouldn’t have violated multiple liquor laws if they want to stay open and make money.
Responds Chris:
The fact they need a license to have someone sing says all you need to know about government overreach. Silly.
Recalls Terry:
I used to stop in here at 8 a.m. on my way home from a night of partying for a pickle shot.
Comments Brian:
The last time I was here it was a 100 degree day, no AC, and the place smelt like puke and poop; there were three meth heads fighting at the bar speaking a language not known to man yet. ... All for dive bars, but this place is disgusting and shouldn’t be open. Sucks because this place was awesome a few years ago but with the massive homeless camps outside nothing good happens.
Counters Joe: 
Denver needs all the character, and characters, it can get. Save the dive bars!
Concludes Garrett:
Swear to God if Bar Bar closes, Denver is fucked. Oh wait... the transplants don't GAF. Knock it down and build a highrise. The dives and Denver are dying.
When were you last at Bar Bar? What's your favorite dive in Denver? Which bars do you miss the most?
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