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Denver DJ Delivery Brings the Party to a Neighborhood Near You

The Dragomi Art Car was slated to transport DJs this weekend, but it has been replaced by That Party Truck.
The Dragomi Art Car was slated to transport DJs this weekend, but it has been replaced by That Party Truck. Dragomi
Although the Riverfront Park Association's annual summer concert series was canceled this year because of COVID-19, the group, along with production partner Two Parts, is helping to bring music to underserved communities with Denver DJ Delivery this weekend.

The event's organizers originally booked The Dragomi Art Car — a modified twenty-foot flatbed truck that includes a sound system and intelligent LED lighting — to drive around DJs: Groove On (Friday, October 2), DoubleCrush (Saturday, October 3) and MILKY.WAV (Sunday, October 4).

"Due to unforeseen circumstances, Dragomi is no longer able to make an appearance this weekend,"  a spokesperson for the event explained in a letter to Westword. "We've instead enlisted That Party Truck, which is a rehabilitated heavy rescue truck equipped with a 360 degree sound system and dazzling led lighting effects."

What were those circumstances? "Dragoni was severely vandalized in storage and the curators were unable to make repairs in a timely manner for our event this weekend," the spokesperson explains.

The traveling DJs' routes start at Riverfront Park and head to various neighborhoods, including Elyria-Swansea, Sun Valley, Curtis Park and Ruby Hill.

While routes are mapped out through the event's website, exact locations will be released via social media to prevent crowding. Guests are encouraged to wear masks and keep a safe physical distance while staff will be equipped with the proper PPE, including masks and gloves. Hand sanitizer will be available on site.

Events will target areas with single-family homes and apartment complexes with balconies to avoid crowding outside. Also, King Soopers will provide goodies along the routes.

Update October 1, 2020: This story has been updated to reflect that the Dragomi has been replaced by That Party Truck.
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