Denver DJs Stupac, Ktone nominated for Southern Entertainment Awards

DJ Stupac splits his time between Denver and Dallas and will occasionally connect with Denver's DJ KTone for a mixtape every now and then. Apparently the folks down south are really enjoying their efforts. The 7th Annual Southern Entertainment Awards is going down on March 7, 2010 in Memphis, Tennessee, and DJ Stupac is nominated in six categories including Best Mixtape Duo/Team with DJ Ktone. Voting is happening right now at the Awards website and you can choose Stupac in these following categories: Slept on DJ of the Year, Best Mixtape Duo/Team, Best Intro on a Mixtape, Best Blends on a Mixtape, Best Mixtape Series/Vol. and Best Slow Jam Mix. Go vote and support your local DJs, and in the meantime go grab some of DJ Stupac's mixtapes.


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