Denver does Denver, but who's doing the rest? A list of our five dream covers.

With Denver Does Denver now safely in the rearview, we've been pondering what an expansion of the concept beyond the Colorado borders might look like. More to the point, we've been thinking about what some of our dream covers would be and mulling over who might play them and why. After racking our brains, here's five acts we'd like to see covering other acts.

5. Anamanaguchi covering Dizzee Rascal

Anamanaguchi is probably the most famous chiptune band out there right now -- which isn't exactly saying much. Of course, saying that Dizzee Rascal is the most famous grime producer out there right now isn't really saying anything, either. Either way, regardless, these two groups covering each other would be an epic event -- one that would assuredly blow out power strips across the land.

4. Antipop Consortium covering Tom Waits

Many people have tried to cover Tom Waits and failed miserably. If ever there was one group up to the task it's Antipop Consortium. Why? Simply put, shifting Waits into a new genre and handing his songs over to some experimental musicians in that genre seems like the only way it could really work. Of course, it also be a disaster like every other Waits cover attempted.

3. The Magnetic Fields covering The Smiths

If you listen to The Magnetic Fields, this one seems like a pretty obvious choice. The only potential fault we could really see here is that the songs would sound too much like the originals. Even still, it seems like a match made in heaven.

2. Neko Case covering Dolly Parton

Neko Case has a voice that can carry like no other -- and Dolly Parton has a few songs that are stellar pieces of songwriting genius. We love the original, but can you imagine Case taking on "Jolene" and not have it be one of the most epic ballads possible? We can't either.

1. Lady Gaga covering Madonna

It's time for Lady Gaga to just go ahead and unabashedly cover her main influence: Madonna. We could really give a shit less what Madonna has to say about the whole thing because we're pretty sure that Gaga, with her team of producers and songwriters could come up with something mesmerizing -- probably bringing new life to the music of Madonna in the process.

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Thorin Klosowski
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