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Denver Does Terrible Band Names

The always awesome Onion AV Club has released their annual list of the worst band names of the year, and sweet nougaty center of fuck are there some unspeakable atrocities of names on it. Now, I could spend a few hundred words heaping my own dose of mockery on such charming appellations as Capitalist Hippie Complex, Statutory Grape or Butt Stomach (just to grab a few off the front page...), but it's Denver's strong(?) showing on the list that inspired this post. Three fairly well-known Denver bands made the list: I Sank Molly Brown; Demon Funkies; and Fucking Orange.

Good job, kids, and remember: Any press is good press.

If I missed a Denver/Colorado band on the list, I apologize or accept thanks, depending on how you feel about it. Tell me about it in the comments, or just comment to list a few terrible band names that they missed. -- Cory Casciato

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