Denver KISS fans, you have the power

Pioneering clown rockers KISS just keep on pioneering. Today, the 35 year old band announced a revolutionary plan to put the tour destinations for their next tour up to a vote from the fans. That means that Denver KISS fans (and in my discussions with local bands and music lovers, I've discovered there are a truly scary number of you out there) hold the power to summon KISS to our fair city to do their bidding! KISStacular! All you have to do is take a trip over to the KISS contest page, sign up and vote. The cities, towns and dive-bars that get the most votes will play host to the world's most famous hard-rocking clowns. Everyone that votes will be given a chance to buy presale tickets for the tour, even if our city doesn't make the cut, so KISS fans can't really lose.


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