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Denver Music Advancement Fund Announces 2019 Grant Recipients

Inside the headquarters of Youth on Record, one of the recipients of the Denver Music Advancement Fund.
Inside the headquarters of Youth on Record, one of the recipients of the Denver Music Advancement Fund. Brandon Marshall
Denver Arts & Venues, the city agency that funds public art as well as a slew of cultural projects, has announced the recipients of the 2019 Denver Music Advancement Fund.

“Music is such an integral part of Denver’s cultural ecosystem,” says Ginger White Brunetti, director of Denver Arts & Venues, in a statement announcing the recipients. “We are thrilled to continue to partner with Illegal Pete’s for the second year of the Denver Music Advancement Fund. Through these grants, we can continue to support new and existing music programs, foster emerging talent, promote accessible music education and events, and amplify Denver’s strong music scene.”

The funding for the grants — up to $7,500 each and $100,000 in total — comes from a partnership between Arts & Venues, which brings in much of its revenue through Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and Illegal Pete's, a longtime supporter of Denver music.

Out of 100 applicants, 24 were chosen, including stalwarts like Youth on Record, KGNU, Denver Open Media, Thomas "Detour" Evans, and Museo de Las Americas, as well as smaller groups and lesser-known artists with innovative projects.

The grant recipients and their projects includes:

Audiovore: Sound inSight Residency Program
CMDance: Sounds of the Color Blue
Control Group Productions: THE END - a bus tour of the apocalypse
Creative Strategies for Change: Movement Music - Mobile Studio
Denver Children's Choir: Southwest Denver Initiative
DreaMaker Productions and Family Opportunities: Park Hill's Fabulous Music, Dance & Stories Camp
Education Through Music-Colorado: ETM-CO Partner School Program
Ensemble Faucheux: This Spectrum Life - Sensory friendly multimedia student performance project and concert series
Innervision Records: DAAP - Audio-recording and media training for urban and blind broadcasters, aspiring student artists
Kaite Watson: WeOutHere
KGNU Community Radio Station: ¡Cultura Viva! Live Culture Collective!
Levitt Pavilion Denver: BandStart - Inspire and CountOff
Museo de las Americas: Summer Arts Camp - Music workshops
Music Lesson Cafe: Music Teacher Development Program
Music Minds Matter: musician wellness group
Open Media Foundation: Open Music Sessions
Procreative Denver: family-friendly music festival programming
Rainbow Militia: Traveling Circus Wagon
Renaissance Mind: My Country, My Country Musical
Sphere Ensemble: Orbit - Sphere in the Community
Su Teatro Cultural and Performing Arts Center: The Westside Reclamation Project
Thomas Evans - I Am Detour: The 5 Pointers
Vocal Coalition: Roots - A Colorado Music Celebration
Youth on Record: The Musician as Teacher Institute
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