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Denver music field guide, chapter one: Five kinds of music fans and how to spot them

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The city of Denver is known for its various species of beer geeks, outdoor enthusiasts and sports fans, but the varied climate of the Denver music scene cultivates a diverse cluster of fans, from metal heads to hippies to Juggalos. Here, in the first of several chapters in our handy field guide, you'll find colorful illustrations and descriptions of the most common fans in the Mile High City. Consider this a cheat sheet for astute people-watchers to help identify the breeds that inhabit our fine city, as well as tips on where to locate them.

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Hippies In 1965, Drop City, one of the first rural artist communes, was formed in southern Colorado. Hippies have been flocking to the state ever since, attracted by the laid-back lifestyle, 300-plus days of sunshine and plethora of farmers' markets. See also: Boulder, Manitou Springs, Trustafarian. Characteristics: Are you feeling the love? Using crystals to affect your mood? Have you started seeking the source of your problems in the rotations and movement of the planets? Have you ever given a significant chunk of your life to a Phish tour? You, or someone you know, might be a hippie. Native Habitat: Most likely Boulder or the string of small mountain towns nearby. Rockygrass Music Festival. That tipi-lodge retreat near Nederland. Mating Ground: Boulder Farmers' Market and Dick's Sporting Goods Park on certain weekends in August. Consumes: Greens, fruits, nuts, the occasional soy product.

Hipsters Travel and Leisure named Denver as the tenth-best city for hipsters in the United States. This contemporary subculture has a penchant for the retro and hip, and those who fit the makeup of this species take advantage of Denver's impressive music scene, microbrews and crafting culture. Characteristics: Have an affinity for fixed-gear bikes and drip coffee. Have sausage casings for pants. Possess a general eccentricity in personality and hobbies. Have access to, or knowledge about things you've never seen or heard of. Is either in a band, wants to be in a band or is dating someone in a band. Native Habitat: South Broadway, City Park, pockets of Colfax. Mating Ground: Coffee shops, shows, the couch you've been sleeping on, City, O' City, Lost Lake. Consumes: Street food, the latest hip food-truck menu, PB&Js, fake meat products.

Juggalos A Juggalo is a devoted fan and follower of Insane Clown Posse (ICP), a clown-loving, Faygo-guzzling hip-hop duo out of Detroit, Michigan. Juggalos come from all walks of life and consider themselves a family. The FBI considers them a gang. Characteristics: Radical, cult-like feelings toward ICP and its other followers. Can most likely be found donning Hatchet man hockey jerseys and various other paraphernalia and sometimes wearing face paint. Native Habitat: Skyline Park. Mating Ground: Gathering of the Juggalos, the Woodstock of the Juggalo family. Or Skyline Park. Consumes: Various flavors of Faygo

Punks Punk isn't just defined by music; it's defined by an attitude. For the most part, punks oppose the government and are extremely politically aware. Often, they'll emulate the style of members of the Ramones or the Clash, pioneers of punk music. Characteristics: A pronounced refusal to take shit, a support of anarchy, disdain toward the mainstream. Native Habitat: 3 Kings Tavern Mating Ground: 3 Kings Tavern, Bender's Tavern, Lion's Lair Consumes: Cheap beer, Camel Cigarettes

Metalheads Metalheads are simply committed listeners of the hardest-rocking genre. The community of metalheads value authenticity within the group by maintaining disinterest in commercial appeal. The musicians themselves maintain a sincere refusal to sell out. Characteristics: Long hair, plenty of leather, motorcycle boots, the need to mosh and headbang. Native Habitat: Mosh pit at [insert extreme metal show here] Mating Ground: TRVE Brewing....and the mosh pit. Consumes: Hardcore things -- like those turkey legs you get at the Renaissance Fair.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.