Denver: This Is The Place. No, really. Ask MTV

Denver: This Is The Place. We've always believed this, but we're obviously a little biased. Now, however, this assertion is coming from somebody else's mouth -- and not just anybody, mind you, but those arbiters of cool at MTV via a short segment called...wait for it...This Is The Place: Denver.

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And while on paper this prospect might sound like it could be primed for face-palming, the clip, just under five minutes in length, isn't at all cringe-inducing. In fact, it's pretty well put together and highlights some very worthy cats from the scene. At no time is our fair city depicted like flyover country, which can sometimes happens when we you get outsiders looking in.

Then again, this particular snapshot is being held up by MTV Other, the network's sassier little brother in the digital media department. Have a look. Spoiler alert: Brace yourself for some salty language from the narrator, some new knowledge -- A.Tom Collins has coined a pretty sweet description to describe its sound -- cameos from some familiar faces and shout outs to a bunch of bands.

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