Denver's Flobots Want You to Help Make Their New Video — and More

The Flobots have always tried to break down the line between the band members and their audience, but now they are actively seeking to get fans involved in their new album, No Enemies. And while crowdfunding for a new album is hardly a unique idea these days, the level of inclusion that The Flobots are giving fans this time around is extraordinary. It all starts with a call for videos supporting the fourth album. 

“There’s still a part of the music industry that will have some level of celebrity to it,” says Steve Brackett, one of the the band’s vocalists. “But we don’t want everything to be pointing to branding.”

The Flobots have issued an open call for videos with these basic guidelines:

1. Who are you (feel free to toot your own horn and rep your various hats – that's the point!)  

2. How do you know us? What's your connection to us Flobots?

3. What does the phrase "NO ENEMIES" mean to you?

4. Any particular words of support for our new album?

5. Anything else you want to say?

“We want to highlight these people who we are writing an album for,” says Brackett, “to let people know they really are the reason we’re doing this.”

The submissions will be used for a music video but also much more, he explains. “We’re going to compile them and we’re still working on how we’re going to use it,” he says. “There’s so many things we can do with it. The music video could be the smallest part of it.”

The Flobots are asking that submissions be submitted before the Kickstarter campaign for No Enemies reaches fruition on November 17. 

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