Denver's roller derby leagues switch venues

Denver's roller derby leagues are on the move. The Rocky Mountain Rollergirls, who formerly bouted (that's what you call a roller-derby-off) at the Bladium Sports and Fitness Club in Stapleton, just announced that they're moving to the downtown Fillmore Auditorium, in partnership with Live Nation. Their first bout will be Saturday, February 6.

In a press release, the Rollergirls tout the fact that their new venue is in Denver proper. "The Fillmore is Denver, like (Rocky Mountain Rollergirls)," says Rollergirl spokeswoman P.J. "Dangerous Leigh A'zon" Shields.

Their emphasis on being within the city limits may well be because Denver's other roller derby league, the Denver Roller Dolls, whose founders broke off from the Rollergirls in 2005 to form their own team, just announced that they're moving their bouts from the Fillmore to the 'burbs -- specifically to the Odeum Colorado (formerly the Broomfield Event Center) in Broomfield -- with the help of AEG Live and Kroenke Sports. Their first bout will be Saturday, March 20.

Will the Roller Dolls be able to pack the 6,500-seat Odeum? And will the problems with the Fillmore (limited seating, limited parking) that dogged the Dolls cause trouble for the Rollergirls too? Stay tuned. This will be a bout worth watching.

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