At this point, DeVotchKa (due at the Fillmore this Saturday, February 12) appears incapable of producing music that's anything less than intoxicating; just listening to the band inspires a sense of romanticism in even the most hardened of hearts. Everything there is to love about DeVotchKa is present on 100 Lovers — only this release is even more delicately crafted and sublime than previous efforts. The lush strings, Old World accordion and horns and Nick Urata's rapturous vocals could make a torturous trek through the most barren wasteland seem delightful. The bulk of the band's exposure and acclaim has come from soundtrack placement on such films as Everything Is Illuminated, Little Miss Sunshine and, most recently, I Love You Phillip Morris, and that's fitting given the cinematic nature of the music, particularly on songs like "The Man From San Sebastian," which sounds like the most exquisite spy theme you've ever heard. Urata and company have been steadily perfecting their distinctive brand of splendor over the years, and 100 Lovers will only bolster their already firmly established legacy. (Stop by backbeatblog.com for a full Q&A with Nick Urata.)

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