DeVotchKa readies release of 100 Lovers

DeVotchKa has finished up work its new album, 100 Lovers. The first track from the new record, due out Tuesday, March 1, on Anti-, "100 Hundred Other Lovers," officially went on sale on Amazon and iTunes this past Friday. Astute netizens, however, can download the track for free on Stereogum, who premiered the cut on its site yesterday. While musically the song clearly has that distinctive DeVotchKa flair, Nick Urata's vocals on this one kind of remind us of David Byrne. Click through for track list and download link.

DeVotchKa 100 Lovers Anti-

01 - The Alley 02 - All the Sand In All the Sea 03 - 100 Other Lovers 04 - The Common Good 05 - Interlude 1 06 - The Man from San Sebastian 07 - Exhaustible 08 - Interlude 2 09 - Bad Luck Heels 10 - Ruthless 11 - Contrabanda 12 - Sunshine

MP3: DeVotchKa - "100 Hundred Other Lovers"

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