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DeVotchKa's song "Empty Vessels" will be used on Grey's Anatomy.EXPAND
DeVotchKa's song "Empty Vessels" will be used on Grey's Anatomy.
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DeVotchKa's "Empty Vessels" Will Play on Grey's Anatomy

DeVotchKa's music has graced soundtracks for years. That tradition continues tonight, Thursday, October 11, when the act's song "Empty Vessels," from the quartet's new album, This Night Falls Forever, is slated to be used in the Grey's Anatomy episode "Momma Knows Best."

The act's songs first garnered national attention for their cinematic possibilities with the 2006 film Little Miss Sunshine. After that, frontman Nick Urata started a film-scoring career, and DeVotchKa's songs have appeared in TV commercials, ads and other films.

Urata spoke with Westword in August about This Night Falls Forever, DeVotchka's first studio effort since 2011's 100 Lovers. The music video for "Empty Vessels" premieres online on Friday, October 12.

Next month — on Friday, November 16, and Saturday, November 17 — DeVotchka will headline a black-tie and masquerade concert ball at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park  with Diamond Ring opening, before touring the United Kingdom and Europe. 

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