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At the excellent suggestion of an esteemed reader named Mike -- in a why didn't we think of this before moment -- starting today and every week from now on, we'll be posting the playlists of the other local-centric speciality shows including, Radio 1190's long running Local Shakedown, KTCL's Local's Only and the Colorado Sound, which originates at KRFC and is rebroadcast all over Colorado. If there's any others you'd like to see us track, let us know. In the meantime, here's this week's playlists after the jump.

2/13/09 (guests: Chuck Potashner's band)


Bela Karoli - Carnage - Furnished Rooms
Pseudo Dates - Sleepy Shoes - Because We Love You
Mike Marchant - Surround Me - Outerspace and the Sea
Thinking Plague - Rapture of the Deep (for Leslie) - A History of Madness
Denver Broncos - Immaculately Warded Children
Ralph Gean - Electricity - His Music, His Story

Live set from Chuck
1. Pho
2. Artist
3. Gimme Back
4. Pop Songs
5. Slightly Unhealthy Love Song

The Christines - You Were the One - Eyeballs of 1998
Git Some - Impending Zombie Apocalypse - Cosmic Rock
Coast Ghost - Little Xmoke
Joshua Novak - My Darling Criminal Lover
Mustangs and Madras - So I Laid it Down - La Lechuza
The Fluid - Static Cling
Wetlands - Virgin Discovery - Babies' Teeth
Natural Selection - Taste Her Spells - Bocumast Instances Vol. 1
Nervesandgel - If you were the sun
Bad Weather California - America
O'er the Ramparts - Minnesota @ Home - Waves of Static
Ghost Buffalo - Brother - The Magician
Devotchka - Sunrise on Cicero - SuperMelodrama
Cowboy Curse - Bad Bets - Nod up and Down
County Road X - Milk Princess - From Seed to Stone
MagicCyclops - Unicorns in Space - Best of Synthesizer Hits


Skyfox - "Run Away"
Love .45 - "Don't Ask Me"
Pirate Signal - "I Can't Wait"
Dub Skin - "Jah Love Dem"
Quiet Hours - "Friends Don't Fall"
Two Days Drive - "Where All the Ghosts Go"
Rouge - "Tangerine"
Still City - "Fluorescent Library Light"
Random Hero - "Fighting a Beautiful Fate"
Able Archer - "Hungarian Silver"
Alan Baird - "Dream"
Eudea - "Watching"



JD Feighner - "Mellow Ride" - Sundays at 1620
Ichiban - "Troubled Waters" - Psycle Analysis
Xiren - "Grace" - Trip-R
SoundRabbit - "Diminished Returns" - Tree Trunk Airplanes
Tempa & the Tantrums - "Zydeco Jam" - Voodoo & Angels
Paul Soderman - "Get Free" - Once With Spirit
Convergence - "Bee Cee Beat" - I Can Be There
Mike & Amy Finders Band - "Muscatine" - Where You Are
Mike Schikora - "She's Got A Mind of Her Own" - What's Old Is New Again
Jill Sobule - "I Kissed A Girl" - Jill Sobule
Bobby Walker - "Tx, Highway 69" - Git It
The Kirkpatrick Project - "Gone Forever" - Opportunity
Rob Drabkin - "She Comes and Goes" - On These Heavy Feet
Sally Taylor - "The Good Bye" - Tomboy Bride
Dan Craig - "Quietly" - The Accidents ep
Jeff Finlin - "American Dream #109" - Epinonymous
Red Rock Roosters - "Circuit Rider" - Altitude is Everything
Gription - "Broadast Battleground" - Last In Line
U.S. Pipe - "Get Up" - United Sound Pipe
Trinity Demask - "Zombie" - Crucible
Gregory Alan Isakov - "All There Is" - That Sea the Gambler
Chip Stephens Trio - "Cookin' At the Continental" - Hold On to What Counts

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.