Dialed In: This week's local music radio playlists

Here what the area's local-centric specialty radio shows were spinning this week. We're currently tracking the playlists a number of different shows, including Radio 1190's Local Shakedown, KTCL's Locals Only*, KQMT's Mountain Homegrown Show, the Colorado Sound, which originates at KRFC and is re-broadcast all over Colorado, and the Colorado Wave, which is syndicated on a number of stations across the country. See the full playlists posted after the jump.

*This week's Locals Only playlist hasn't been made available.


Gangcharger - "Cellular Memory"
Alan Alda - "The Midnight Turbo Club"
Boulder Acoustic Society - "Until Then"
Speedwolf - "Time to Annihilate"
Little Fyodor - "You Don't Know"
Gangcharger - "Twenty Seven Five"
King Sky and Good Lord - "The Burmese Python Finds the Largest Prime
Pacific Pride - "Kenny Likes to Get Weird"
Everything Absent or Distorted - "Beehive"
The Omens - "It's Down on You"
Tornado Alley - "The Lament"
Boyd Rice - "Down in the Willow Garden"
The Inactivists - "Taxi Cab"
Human Head Transplant - "Spirits"
Hunter Dragon - "#3"
VSS - "Sibling Ascending"
Ghost Buffalo - "Brother"
Thundercade - "David Sideburns" (Alphabets remix)
Mekho and the Ocean Birds - "Bicycle Man"
Delby L - "It's You, Kid"
Jon Snodgrass - "Remember My Name"
Maybellines - "Big Wheel"


Kyle Hollingsworth - "The Way It Goes"
Ichiban - "Troubled Waters"
Emmitt-Nershi Band - "Surfing the Red Sea"
Chris Daniels - "Biggest Heartache"
Honey Don't - "Who Took the Jukebox"
Xiren - "Big Enough"
Andy Monley - "All Hail"
Crowboy - "Babylon"
Trucker's Daughter - "Better Left Alone"
Maree McRae - "Do It For Love"
The Informants - "Get Twisted"
Slim Cessna's Auto Club - "Viceroy Filter King"
Flying Dragon Orchestra - "Replica"
Yonder Mountain String Band - "Complicated"
Drew Emmitt - "Take the Long Way Home"
Gritch - "Distance"
Saints - "Colorado"
Soundrabbit - "From the World I Have Known"
GT and the Sidewinders - "Lonesome Cowboy"
Palmer Divide - "Knockin' At the Door"
King for a Day - "Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before"
Rose Hill Drive - "Cool Cody"
Big Head Todd & the Monsters - "All The Love You Need"
Hard Pressed - "Blackbird"
Churchill - "I Still Remember"
Matt Skellenger - "The Itchy Forest"


Ian Cooke - "Flood"
The Northern Way - "Perfect Time"
Rexway - "Thursday"
The Photo Atlas - "Light and Noise"
Superseed - "OK By Me"
17th Avenue All Stars - Minute By Minute
John McKay - "Lazy From Booze"
Zebra Junction - "Change Is Coming Soon"


Alex Call & Lisa Carrie - "I Can Start A Fire"
Kyle Galanaugh - "Wait"
Sweet Suzi & The Blues Experience - "Unbroken"
Buckner Funken Jazz - "Givin' Into Love"
Jude Johnstone - "Unchained"
Dusty Hughes - "Can You Hear Me"
Elmo Chesterhazy - "Starlight Road"
Dan Treanor and African Wind - "From African Soul"
Linda Purdy - "Radio Man Blues"
Albert Khasky - "Father Said"
David Booker - "Bring Back My Cadillac"
Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes - "Sweet Chalamette"


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