Dialed In: This week's local music radio playlists

Here what the area's local-centric specialty radio shows were spinning this week. We're currently tracking the playlists a number of different shows, including Radio 1190's long-running Local Shakedown, KTCL's Locals Only, the Colorado Sound, which originates at KRFC and is re-broadcast all over Colorado, and the Colorado Wave, which is syndicated on a number of stations across the country. See the full playlists posted after the jump.


Slim Cessna's Auto Club - "Jesus is in My Body"
The Limbs - "When it All Comes True"
Reverend Deadeye - "Jesus Knockin'"
The Aneurysms - "Mate"
Teenage Bottlerocket - "Miniskirt"
The Haunted Windchimes - "Lordy, Lordy"
Natural Selection - "Paper Plane"
Ted Sturgeon - "Green Sequence"
Denver Broncos - "Immaculately Warded Children"
Hemi Cuda - "Jimmy West"
Paper Bird - "Lost Boys"
The Thinking Plague - "The Underground Stream"
Elan - "Polymeric Trickster"
Six Months to Live - "Red Brick House"
Thank God for Astronauts - "Daggers in the Street"
Sin Desires Marie - "Republic"
Astrophagus - "Consult the List"
Psycho Steve and the Psychedelic Freakshow Babies - "Son of Thor" (remixxx)
The Czars - "Paint the Moon"
Black Black Ocean - "Come on Home"
The Symptoms - "Yr Cool"
The Otter Pops - "My House is Everywhere"
Veronica - "White Gas"
In Ether - "Fox"
The Knew - "Piece of Mind"
Hawks of Paradise - "Find a New Way"
Cap'n Fresh and the Stay Fresh Seals - "Bird or a Plane"
Sonar - "Too Bad"
Tin Tin - "Science Generals"
Teardrops - "Sweet Sweet Sadie"
Heart Short Hope - "Untitled 3"


Marijuana Deals Near You

Chain Gang of 1974 - "We at the Disco"
Filthy T - "Catch Me If You Can"
Sofo - "Passing Signs"
Everything Absent or Distorted - "Japanese War Tuba"
Meniskus - "Partyer"
Fulcrum - "Antic Romantic"
Ephesus - "Eyes of Grey"
Branden Sipes - "Driving Blind"
Portrait of a Friend - "Open Heart Surgery"
Judge Roughneck - "Pretty Green"
Demon Funkies - "Compton's Finest"
Cody Crump - "You and Me (Uh-oh)"


Everything Absent Or Distorted (A Love Story) - "Aquariums"
Saints - "Guiding Light"
Motorhome - "Radio"
Crowboy - "Lern"
Kort McCumber - "It's Alright"
Aloft in The Sundry - "Little Miss Opportunity"
The Epilogues - "The Escape"
Sixteen Horsepower - "Black Soul Choir"
The Poudre River Band - "The Bellvue Dome"
Palmer Divide - "Eye of the Storm"
Trinity Demask - "Dear John"
Jennifer Lane - "River of Truth"
Adam Stern - "Twang Shui"
Paper Bird - "Lost Boys"
Slim Cessna's Auto Club - "Viceroy Filter King"
Gregory Alan Isakov - "Big Black Car"
Debajo Del Agua - "Aguas"
Cocktail Revolution - "Mistercool"
Rob Drabkin - "Little Steps"
Fafi aka 3Percent - "Chegutu"
The Motet - "Osain"
Hello Kavita - "Midnight Sound"
Angie Stevens & the Beautiful Wreck - "The Current that Carries"
The Delta Sonics - "She's So Crazy"
Jeff Finlin - "What's the Big Idea"
Bobby Walker - "Git It"

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