Dialed in: This week's local-music radio playlists

Here's this week's playlists from the other local-centric music shows around your radio dial, including Radio 1190's long running Local Shakedown, KTCL's Local's Only and the Colorado Sound, which originates at KRFC and is rebroadcast all over Colorado. If there are any others you'd like to see us track, let us know. In the meantime, you will find this week's rosters after the jump.

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2/20/09 - guest: Andrew Novick


The Symptoms - "Leda Hyeena" - Middle Finger Romance
The Minders - "Bicycle" - Cul-de-sacs and Dead-Ends
Balloon - "Hold On"
Idiosynchratic Routine - "When I Get Home" - That's Terrific and a Hard Day's Night
The Warlock Pinchers - "Satan Without a Pause" - Deadly Kung Fu Action
The Omens - "I Lost My Mind" - Destroy the ESP
Colder Than Fargo
Pacific Pride - "Globeville Creaciones" - EP
Haunted Windchimes - "Swimming Through a Dream" - Verse/Visa
Witch Doctor - "Hollywood Hearts Itself"
Andy Monley - "Somewhere" - Triplight
Married in Berdichev - "Nose Knows" - S/T
Tom Hagerman - Charlotte Mittnacht - "The Breakfast Playground"
Candy Claws - The Sun Is My Girl - In the Dream of the Sea Life
Kal Cahoone
Pavilion Steps - "A Book For a Boy"
Matson Jones - "A Little Bit of Arson Never Hurt Anyone" - S/T
Scramblehead - "Let Em Go" - Valley of the Bugs
Bambi Lee Savage - "Whiskey Well" - Matter of Time
Warlock Pinchers - "Billy the Scab" - 7"
Zombie Zombie - "#2"
Warlock Pinchers - "Curious George and the Antichrist (Original Version)"
Team Robespierre - "Black Root"
Blinky the Clown
Human Head Transplant
Maraca 5-0
Valet Park This - "Say Nope to the Armless Pope"
Smedley's Van
Soul Merchants - "Staircase" - Gates of Heaven


Rough Draft - "Not Far Away"
For Love of Ivy - "Kinda Famous"
Hot IQs - "Houndstooth"
Photo Atlas - "Merit"
Four to Go - "Pantalones"
Hears of Palm - "We Have No Water Here"
Black Market Empire - "Drop Dead Disco"
Tim Hanauer - "Miss"
Dylan Busby - "Take Me Away"
Tim Pourbaix - "Seals the Deal"
Six Months to Live - "Spin a Top"
Killfix - "Hide & Seek"



Bobby Walker --"Git It" from Git It
Jeff Finlin -- "What's the Big Idea" from Ballad of A Plain Man
Everything Absent Or Distorted (A Love Story) -- "Beehive" from The Great Collapse
Born in The Flood -- "I Am the Walrus" from Mountain Homegrown Vol IV

In-Studio / Interview w/ Mike Schikora
"Angelina" - What's Old Is New Again
"She's Got A Mind of Her Own" - What's Old Is New Again
"Do You Love Me" - What's Old Is New Again
Lionel Young -- "Oh What A Beautiful Day" from Beautiful Day
Otis Taylor -- "Walk Right In" from Recapturing the Banjo
Open Road -- "Some Things Does, Some Things Don't" from Cold Wind

The Winebottles -- "Junck" from Ride My Pony
Dualistics -- "Unique (Like Everyone Else)" from Dualistics
Crowboy -- "Babylon" from Making Up For Lost Time
DeVotchKa -- "Transliterator" from A Mad & Faithful Telling
Xiren -- "Circus" from Bullets and Rainbows
The Thugs -- "Voices" from The Thugs
Drew Emmitt -- "Take the Long Way Home" from Long Road
The Beautiful Loser Society -- "Talking to the Devil" from Aim Low
Rhythm Angels -- "She Loves to Love a Fool" from Girls Like Us
SoundRabbit -- "From the World I Have Known" from Tree Trunk Airplanes
Swayback f/ DJ Hot to Death -- "Queen's Dance Part II" 

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.