Disco Nouveau calls with a striking, minimal design

If you're going to advertise a disco night, what better image to choose than the all-powerful disco ball? None better. Even as disco's influence across the land waned, the glittery allure of the disco ball never faltered. Everyone loves a disco ball.

And we love this flier. Not just for its groovy, abstract take on the disco ball, but for its overall aesthetic. Its minimalist approach, bold lines and striking color scheme is a delight. The use of a font that evokes art deco is a nice touch, as well. Not that disco and art deco ever had much in common, but it's a bold, post-modern touch that works quite well in context, so we dig it.

Never let anyone tell you a less is more approach can't work -- obviously, it's working its ass off here. Oh, and all hail the all-seeing eye of the disco ball!

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