Distrakt launches Delta Blaze, a new web video game

Distrakt is mad busy and he's getting all digital on us. Besides working on a new album and directing videos like crazy, he's now made a video game. The web-based game, Delta Blaze, is a flying shoot em' up, which appears more so to promote "Sup," his upcoming single and video with Sadat X (of Brand Nubian). The actual game is a bit difficult. You control some sort of spaceship with the arrows on the keyboard and fire lasers using the space bar at a bunch enemies with jet packs flying around the city firing their own lasers towards you. Dodging their shots, the goal is to take them out with yours. As you're flying through the city, their will be some power ups that you can fly through to blow up everybody on the screen or get a defense shield. Go try out Delta Force for yourself.

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