DJ Chonz, Adelio Lombardi launch Mixterminal.com

DJ Chonz and Side 3 Studios head Adelio Lombardi have united and launched a new website strictly for the DJs called MixTerminal.com. The site is a new social-networking hub, specifically geared toward DJs as a place where they can come together to share ideas, music, videos, photos, blogs, mixes and gigs. So far, the site has 160 members, including some pretty famous cats like Maseo of De la Soul, DJ Rectangle, DJ Cocoa Chanelle, Mr. Choc and DJ Twist along with local favorites DJ Vajra, DJ Bedz, DJ Psycho, DJ Sabotage and others. The site will also host live broadcast events that will feature a variety of industry movers and shakers. This past weekend, MixTerminal.com played host to its first live meet-and-greet, with Epic recording artist Nipsey Hussle. While MixTerminal does seem to cater to hip-hop, it will reportedly expand to feature other genres of music. Chonz and Lombardi are encouraging DJs of all genres (and their fans) to sign up and become a part of the community. Check out the commercial for the site featuring DJ Sabotage after the jump.

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