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DJ Hipp-E

DJ Hipp-E may sound like an oxymoron to some, but anyone involved significantly with either culture should recognize the inherent ideological similarities -- namely, community transcendence through music, mind-altering substance experimentation and indiscriminate brotherly love. Granted, these similarities aren't always apparent in all cases, but Hipp-E is obviously down with at least two of the three. Even though his turntables reside in San Diego now, Hipp-E, certified Eric Galaviz at birth, is one of the most successful DJs to come out of Denver. As an essential member of A & E Productions and the Energy Posse, Hipp-E, along with current Rise resident/flesh-and-blood cousin Phil G., had his hands in many of the Mile High City's first underground raves. Hipp-E hooked up with his career-making H-Foundation partner Halo years later, after ditching our beloved red state for the greener grass of California. Isn't it about time you got Hipp-E?
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George Swartz