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DJ Krush

Inspired by the 1982 cult film Wild Style, DJ Krush became one of Japan's first turntablists. Equally adept at breakbeats, trip-hop, blissed-out electronic explorations and straightahead hip-hop, Krush has been a pioneering force in the DJ scene since his days with the Krush Posse, a crew hailed as one of Japan's finest exports. When the Posse broke up in 1992, Krush, born Hideaki Ishii, went on to release a series of groundbreaking albums, including the highly acclaimed Jaku, which climbed to number three on the CMJ charts in 2004 and helped further cement his international acclaim. Touring in support of his most recent platter, Stepping Stones, a best-of retrospective containing five new tracks and past cuts he remixed personally, Krush continues to push the envelope with his wildly creative brand of hip-hop -- the kind of stuff you don't hear at dance clubs or on most commercial stations, but probably should.
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