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Don Caballero

There aren't many rock bands led by drummers, for obvious reasons; most listeners prize melody above percussion, even though beats are primarily responsible for getting them off their cans. Nevertheless, timekeeper Damon Che's primacy in the math-metal instrumental outfit Don Caballero makes perfect sense, because his playing provides the tricky blueprint that his fellows follow. That's certainly the case on the act's new disc, World Class Listening Problem. Although Che is the only remaining member from the version of Don that debuted in 1993 with For Respect, the new disc is very much in the Caballero tradition, thanks to powerful playing that shifts gears and time signatures with wicked precision on the likes of "MMMMM Acting, I Love Me Some Good Acting" and "Palm Trees in the Fecking Bahamas." Overall, the CD is an impressive showcase for Che, who remains a marvel with sticks and skins. When Don Caballero arrives at the Lounge following Zombi, Pena and Wires on Fire, expect him to give his drums a good beating.
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