Don Strasburg named Talent Buyer of the Year by Pollstar

Massive props are due this morning to Don Strasburg of AEG Live Rocky Mountain, who was named Talent Buyer of the Year at the annual Pollstar awards this past Friday in Los Angeles at Club Nokia. The recognition is clearly a tremendous nod to the efforts of Strasburg and the rest of the AEG team, but even more impressive, Strasburg bested seven other talent buyers from all across the country to win the award.

"I did not expect to win," Strasburg confesses. "I thought the competition was strong, and it's very unusual for people in areas besides New York and Los Angeles to win awards in the concert industry, because so much of the business is based in those places, so they know the venues and the people that are there."

As for the award itself, while Strasburg is obviously gratified by the accolade, he humbly deflects any notion that the award was earned solely based on the merits of his talent buying acumen. "I wouldn't say anything sets me above," he clarifies. "I think we work really hard here to do the best possible job that we can, and I guess the stars aligned for everybody to take notice this year.

"This award was really an award for the AEG Live Rocky Mountain team," Strasburg adds, pointing out that, "Chuck Morris, Brent Fedrizzi and Scott Campbell, from the talent buying perspective, all equally pull huge weight. The award I won is recognition for all of our work in Colorado. Futhermore, it's really recognition for the entire AEG Live Rocky Mountain team. If the market team and the ticketing team and the production team weren't the absolute best, then the shows wouldn't do as well, the artists wouldn't be as happy and all the people in the industry wouldn't be recognizing us for a job well done."

"I'm getting some credit here," he concedes, before reiterating, "but the credit is truly due to the entire AEG Live Rocky Mountain team, because every aspect of what we do is the final product, and that final product I have just a part of a responsibility for."

Indeed, no matter how you stack it, this award is a testament to the efforts of Strasburg and the entire AEG Live Rocky Mountain team. If you remember, the nation's second largest promoter, under the direction of Morris, established its local outpost here just over five years ago.

At the time, Morris and company were basically starting completely from scratch. After migrating over from Live Nation, Morris and his team had no properties to speak of as it entered into this highly competitive market, with just their established reputations and past relationships to build on -- oh, and, of course, the deep pockets of a certain wealthy backer.

And they've since made their mark here by consistently booking some of the hottest shows in town, helping turn Broomfield Events Center into a more viable venue with 1STBANK Center and taking chances pulling together events like Mile High Music Festival and Winter on the Rocks.

Congrats on some well deserved recognition, y'all!

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