Download a free song from CougarPants

We've been following CougarPants around since the band's inception less than a year ago, and with good reason: Live, this duo is pretty incredible. But best friends and multi-instrumentalists Jessica Hughes and Robin Walker also see to it that their creative collaborations come across in the same textured way when recorded. The duo just released "They NEVER", a multi-layered track available for free download via SoundCloud.

The base for the song is, in fact, a live recording by Lance Stack, and combined with some additional home studio work, CougarPants' captures its beautifully messy blend of vocals and instrumentation. Walker's bubbling howl is put through her trademark, homemade tin-can microphone, while Hughes' drums are cracking and brash throughout.

Stack's recording originated from an early CougarPants show in May, when the band performed at the Dikeou Collection gallery for an installment of the monthly Titwrench Surfacing series.

"It was a show that was not very well attended due to the fact that everyone hates us," Walker jokes. "It was pouring rain, and no one could figure out how to get into the gallery." Hateful? Hardly. We're all just wondering when this band is going to release a full album already.

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