Download Fissure Mystic's lost album

When Fissure Mystic quietly exited the Denver scene last year, the band left only a handful of releases behind, including an EP, two CD singles and a split seven-inch with Tjutjuna. Despite playing together for more than a decade, the members -- Fez Garcia, brothers Andrew and Simon Elkins and Taylor Rice -- never officially released a proper full-length.

A bright, beaming flicker of the life Fissure Mystic once led has been illuminated for those left with only the memory of the angular riffs and titanic drum fills that flooded the band's legendary live shows. Speaker Snacks has graciously uploaded an untitled long-player that collects fan favorites like "Graveyard," "Never Is Now" and "Colfax Culture," among others.

The sessions for the album started way back in August 2005, according to drummer -- and current tub-thumper for Night of Joy, Bury My Bones and Fingers of the Sun -- Fez Garcia. Although the album doesn't reflect a true "final mix," the band is still happy to share this piece of Denver's rock underground with its fans.

"It's a little bit of therapy for us, because our band was stuck in recording limbo," says Garcia. "It's for all the homies that have been around forever who've been wanting something from us. It's for all the Fissure fans who wanted to hear some shit."

And the record absolutely slays, boasting a powerful energy and oozing with complex songwriting and some surprising creative uses of the studio, to boot. You can stream or download all ten tracks below. This gem serves as a memorial document of some of Fissure Mystic's finest work.

Fissure Mystic: Unreleased 2005 Full-Length (Untitled) by Speaker Snacks

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