Download Iuengliss's new audio/visual album, Blank Matter, for free

Iuengliss, aka Thomas Metz, has been remarkably prolific over the last few years, but his newest album, Blank Matter, has been in the works for more than three years. In most cases, that would mean a big release party, a $10 price tag and a formal package. Iuengliss, it seems, isn't about the norm, which is why the album and its accompanying videos (one for each song) are all up on Plastic Sound Supply's website for free right now.

For the duration of Iuengliss's existence, Metz has toyed with electronic experimentation of all types. He's touched on the dance aspects as often as the ambient ones, and with Blank Matter, he manages to combine both in a way that makes for an engaging experience on multiple levels. Almost completely gone is the clear Boards of Canada influence of his early work, replaced instead with a bouncier, engrossing sound that won't let you drift off.

"AEFlresqd004" is a good example of the diversity of the album. It sounds as if it would be at home on a video game soundtrack in one moment, before trailing off into a chaotic garble the next. "Jungbeats," however, is a raucous dance track that's hard not to bob your head and pump your fists to. As a whole, the album covers a lot of ground while still retaining a sense of cohesion, an admirable feat, even if some of the tracks end up being skipped for being either too noisy or too quiet, depending on your preference.

The video compendium is interesting in its own way. We'll also give kudos to Plastic Sound Supply for creating a microsite conducive to the album format, as the videos automatically cycle as though you're listening to the album itself. For their part, the videos act as visualizations of the songs. While inspired by media player visualizers, the actual appearance has a personalized feel to it. It's certainly worth checking out, even if it's just used as a means to stream the album.

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Thorin Klosowski
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