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Download the final installment of Hunter Dragon's How the Crow Flows

Over the course of the last year, Hunter Dragon has slowly rolled out sections of his three-part EP series, How the Crow Flows. Back in April, we saw part one, with part two following in June. Now part three is available directly from his site for free.

Now that we're able to listen to all three records in a row, we're starting to see what Dragon was going for. While the first and second played a lot with upbeat experimentalism, this third record is significantly softer and slower. It doles out Dragon's quirky, often off-key voice over a rhythm that moves at a snail's pace while it looks more inward than the previous sections, with repeating loops and guitar lines.

As with the previous two records, How the Crow Flows Pt. 3 plays around with digital manipulation as often as it does acoustic. "Junterpan," for instance, is just a bizarre glitch for a few sections, whereas "Dom Thanks for the Violin (and those times you took me in)" plays with an off-putting violin loop as electronic bubbling plays in the back. Here, Dragon sounds closer to something like Bird Show or Growing than he does anywhere else, and although this is a bit grating at times, it shows where he's giving himself room to expand.

That's par for the course on this section of the trilogy as a whole. While a track like "Tide" or "Tiger Style" sounds like what you'd expect from Dragon after listening to the first parts, the bulk of the songs are more interested in manipulation of sound than they are straightforward songwriting.

It's interesting to place all three of these records in sequence, because while each certainly has its own highlights and downsides, all of them sound distinctly different while still maintaining a cohesive vibe. We'd recommend giving it a shot yourself: You'll certainly find something new.

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Download How the Crow Flows Part 3.

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