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Watch Dressy Bessy's Music Video for "Stay True"

Dressy Bessy is back with a new music video, "Stay True."
Dressy Bessy is back with a new music video, "Stay True." Tammy Ealom
Tammy Ealom shocked her bandmates in Dressy Bessy when she told them she wanted to make a last-minute, high-quality music video for the song "Stay True."

“I said, ‘Let’s shoot something. No pressure. If it looks like crap, we don’t have to use it,'" Ealon says. "It was kind of thrown together last-minute, and it worked out just fine.”

"Stay True" is the lead single off the iconic Denver punk band's new album, Fast Faster Disaster, which comes out this summer, in celebration of the group's twentieth anniversary.

See the video for yourself below:

In the video, Ealom and guitarist John Hill and drummer Craig Gilbert take turns performing their respective parts of the song in front of a single camera set up in the band’s television room.

“I just wanted to keep it simple. Obviously, it’s one camera, everybody got one take, and I just chopped it together. I said, ‘Let’s just play the song,’” Ealom says.

Doing things on the fly — under time constraints and with whatever materials are at hand — is typical for Dressy Bessy.

“[Our creative process] is all sorts of arts and crafts," Ealom explains. "We call ourselves clutter-punk: We just keep adding and adding and adding, and in the end some things get cut, but each part that’s added inspires another part on top of that.”
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