Your Guide to Pairing Red Rocks Concerts and Drugs

Ever wonder which drugs go with which genres of music? Here's your guide.
Ever wonder which drugs go with which genres of music? Here's your guide. Miles Chrisinger
Drugs and music are a timeless combination, like peanut butter and jelly. We live in the age of lab-manufactured wonder pills and smart-phone technology that lets us research the wide world of illicit substances, and we live in a state where weed is available for purchase within a stone's throw of pretty much anywhere. And with all of this information at our fingertips (not to mention drugs), we are always on the hunt for how to take our experiences one step further.

Okay, we're not condoning drug use. And, yeah, your brain on drugs probably looks something like a fried egg. But some of you don't care. We just want to make sure that if you imbibe, you're mixing and matching your drugs and music right.

Like white wine with fish or red wine with steak, certain drugs match certain types of music better than others. Here are our suggestions for the perfect pairings between drugs and Red Rocks concerts (Red Rocks does not permit drug use), for those of you who refuse to heed Nancy Reagan's advice to "Just Say No."

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Brandon Marshall
EDM and Weed
Chromeo and Rufus Du Sol
Thursday, June 1
Saturday, June 17

We know, we know. You think EDM is where MDMA should have top priority. But think outside the raver’s box. That fuzzy, relaxed-yet-energetic buzz that settles in after you smoke a sativa strand goes hand in hand with those bass drops. And with all of the wild visuals and lights that are sure to be overwhelming when you're sober, just imagine the time you’ll have stoned.

Alternative and LSD
Wednesday, June 7
Portugal. the Man
Sunday, June 18

Classic with a modern-day twist, the marriage between alternative and LSD is more literal: psychedelic sound with psychedelic substance. If your desire is to fully connect on a spiritual level with sound – what better way than with a dreamlike trip? Ride the guitar riffs with Lucy and see what you find.

Funk and MDMA
The Motet
Friday, June 2
Friday, June 9

Funk plus MDMA is the perfect match for those feeling a little more whimsical and who come to a concert wearing their boogie shoes. On the lighter side of things, MDMA will brighten up the lights, keep your smile fully charged and sustain your night of dancing. Funky rhythms command your attention, and what better way to do so than getting down in the company of friends? Where a good time is to be found, you can be sure that Molly's around.

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The Doobie Brothers.
Andrew Macpherson
Rock and Roll and Cocaine
Brit Floyd
Thursday, June 8
Chicago, and the Doobie Brothers
Tuesday, June 13

Typical. But is there a better way to wash down rock and roll than with extreme focus and a hit of energy? Though a little more intense in its feeling than the other drugs on this list, it will help you keep up with all the instruments and elements of that rock-and-roll sound – at least until you crash.

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Brandon Marshall
Jam Bands and Mushrooms
Disco Biscuits
Saturday, June 3
Widespread Panic
June 23-25

Songs that last 25 minutes beg for something a little earthy to take the edge off. Slap a couple caps onto your favorite snack and let the jam bend your reality. Mushrooms promise to take you deep into the beyond.
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