Dubtribe Sound System, February 26 at Casselman's

You can't have a discussion about tribal house without mentioning Dubtribe Sound System — the outfit hailing from San Francisco and comprising Sunshine and Moonbeam Jones — which achieved mainstream crossover success with Bryant Street in 1999. Best known for such tracks as "Do It Now," "Sunshine's Theme" and "Mother Earth" (which influenced the Chemical Brothers and DJ Icey, among other breakbeat producers), Dubtribe created its own niche of organic, uplifting, soulful house music defined by complex tribal beats and gorgeous vocals provided by both Sunshine and Moonbeam; the two began collaborating in 1990 when ex-punk-rocker Sunshine needed a vocalist for his San Fran acid-jazz band. Their live, high-energy tribal-house sets are the stuff of legend — but newbies to the scene haven't had a chance to dance to Dubtribe's music; the last time the duo officially took the stage was 2005. So it will truly be a treat for house-heads to watch Dubtribe get down at Casselman's on Saturday, February 26, at LOVE — a show that will also feature house godfather Doc Martin and a special tag set with Sunshine Jones and Jasun Lovejoy of the Tribe Posse.

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