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Duncan Barlow Moves On, Lion Sized Looks for New Bassist

Duncan Barlow (far left) and d.biddle.

If you happen to run into Duncan Barlow around town this week, be sure to congratulate him on his new gig. Next Monday, the d.biddle frontman and Lion Sized bassist will be picking up stakes and heading to Jacksonville, Florida, where he's accepted a professor position.

Rob Burleson broke the bittersweet news to us this morning saying, "Well, when Josh and I started this band we asked Duncan to be a part of it knowing full well that some day he would have to head out on his mission to be a professor. It seems that day has come."

Aside from being a gifted songwriter, Barlow, who recently completed his doctrate, was an gigantic presence on the scene and will be sorely missed. According to Rob, d.biddle will thankfully continue with Barlow flying in for a show or two during his Christmas break and returning in the summer to write and record.

The prospect of his prolonged absence, however, has prompted Lion Sized to delay its eagerly anticipated return (after nearly a year hiatus, the band was slated to play its first show back on Friday, September 5 at the Larimer Lounge) for a few months while it searches for a new bassist. -- Dave Herrera

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Dave Herrera
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