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Eat sushi off a live woman at Opal

Jay Chadrom has spiced things up at Opal, his sushi restaurant and lounge at 100 East Ninth Avenue. On Friday nights, he now brings women into the lounge who stand on tables and have their bodies painted by Karolina McLean, of McLean Art and Design, who also has paintings on display around the restaurant. "When people walk in and they see that, they can't wipe the smiles off their faces," Chadrom says. "The guys come with the girls, and they really don't want to look."

And last week, the restaurant started serving sushi on women serving as platters. While it's not quite naked sushi, it's pretty darn close. "They're covered in the right places," Chadrom notes. "We serve on their stomachs."

Here's how it works: A few professional models walk around the restaurant until someone asks to eat sushi off of one of them, and then she lies down and is loaded up. "We're making eating fun," Chadrom promises. So fun, he adds, that some of his customers have said they would like to get nearly naked and have people eat off of them, too.

And there's more fun at Opal. At 9 p.m. on Fridays, for example, the sushi area is cleared out to make way for salsa lessons. An open-mike comedy night was recently added on Thursdays, and the lounge is host to DJs nightly, including David Bright on Tuesdays, Francis Ryan on Fridays, and Bushy Bush and Kazz spinning reggae on Saturdays, when things get really busy, Chadrom says.

If not completely naked.

Club scout: Is the old building at 3862 High Street, which once held the High Street Speakeasy, haunted? Any bar that goes into the place doesn't seem to have a ghost of a chance of surviving. Kristian Kelly had opened his Gin & Sin Speakeasy in that scary spot in September; now it's gone dark. Kelly had worked behind the bar at Jezebel's Juke Joint & Brothel, an incarnation that lasted only a few months earlier this year.

Woodcellar Bar & Grill (1552 Bergen Parkway, Unit 101, in Evergreen), which Tabor Cowden opened last year, recently became the first bar in Colorado to install two Draft Master Tables, which were created in Waterford, Ireland, and give folks the freedom to pour draft beer at their own table. Customers can either pre-pay for pints or run a tab on the two tables that serve Guinness, Dale's Pale Ale and Bud Light. The Living Room (1055 Broadway) has a similar setup, but for wine: With the Enomatic wine-serving system, patrons can pour their own one-ounce samples of two dozen kinds of wine with just the touch of a button.

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